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JUN-JUL 2018

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12 JUNE/JULY 2018 BABY & CHILDREN'S PRODUCT NEWS ™ Fertility Tracker wins award for best of baby tech iXensor, maker of the PixoTest® plaorm that enables mul - b iomarker tes ng through a smartphone, recently won the Best of Baby Tech Awards in Fer lity and Pregnancy. Receiving the Best in Fer- lity and Pregnancy award h as established Eveline as a leading innova on in ovula- on tracking and tes ng so- lu ons, according to the company. Providing women a seamless and integrated way to beer target their ovula on, ul mately help- ing couples conceive faster is the Eveline mission. The Eveline Smart Fer l- ity System consists of an ovula on test kit, a validated ovula on predic on algorithm, and a fer lity tracking app for iOS and Android. Its patented technology uses the front-facing smartphone camera and light to measure changes in color when test strips are exposed to luteinizing hormone, a key marker of ovula on. The propri- etary algorithm soware turns that data into a simple snap- shot of the fer lity status with 99% accuracy. For more informa on call 415/ 312-5875 or visit ◆

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